Our projects

Our Enterprise is the main organization of the “Belenergo” concern responsible for long-term development of the energy system of Republic of Belarus and its six regions, designing of transmission lines, cable lines and electrical substations with voltage levels of 0,4 to 10 and 35 to 750 kV, carrying out integrated power grid engineering researches and developing system-level and emergency automatics devices.

During the past 40 years projects of “Belenergosetproekt” were used int he Republic of Belarus to construct:podstancya

  • 12 018 km of 35 kV transmission lines;
  • 16 034 km of  110 kV transmission lines;
  • 2 279 km of 220 kV transmission lines;
  • 3 616 km of 330 kV transmission lines;
  • 420 km of 750 kV transmission lines.


  • 58335 kV electrical substations;
  • 640110 kV substations;
  • 15220 kV substations;
  • 23330 kV substations;
  • 1750 kV substation.

Projects of “Belenergosetproekt” were also used to construct and reconstruct a number of objects in the Russian Federation, i.e. “Bely Rast - Trubino” 500 kV overhead transmission line, “Zelenogradsk” 110 kV electrical substation in Kaliningrad District, reconstruction of “Sovietsk” and “Baltiysk” 110 kV electrical substations on Kaliningrad District, “Yasenevskaya” and “Borisovskaya” 220 kV  substations in Moscow.

At present our Enterprise is working on adjusting Belarusian power grid infrastructure to electricity transit from the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation to the Western Europe. The electricity transit route “Berezovskaya state district powerplant - Brest-2 - Belarusian-Polish Border” is already functioning. It is designed to export electricity from Russia to Poland by means of parallel functioning of “Berezovskaya” SDPP and  Lublin Voivodeship’s power grid.

This route is the first interstate electricity transit project in the past 30 years. Experience of cooperation with foreign energy system gained while carrying out this project can serve as a basis for further work on integrating Belarusian power grid into the European Union for the Co-ordination of Transmission of Electricity (UCTE).

“Belenergosetproekt” specializes also in reconstruction of 15px-scale hydropower plants built in 1940s-1960s. During the past 10 years in cooperation with several Belarusian research and design organizations “Belenergosetproekt” carried out 14 350 kW 15px-scale hydropower plant reconstruction projects, completed 1st and 2nd construction phases of the Vileika hydropower plant with 0.85 MW capacity each and started working on “Polotskaya” and “Grodnenskaya” medium-scale hydropower plant projects.